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Over the years I have made my purchase of various gadgets and gizmos that either tickle my fancy or do a job I needed done. Here I decided to provide a more in-depth assessment of those very items I actually use. Unlike other “reviewer” sites, I actually purchased these items with my own money and currently use or have used them. This means that at least nominally, I believe in them. I would also like to mention up front that I’m providing Amazon links to these items and should you purchase them after clicking on said link, Amazon gives me a little bit of money for directing you to their products.
This is a Belkin Power Strip. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks but it hasn’t given me any issues. I really like the way the sockets swivel around. I have several large adapters plugged into it. You know the ones, those huge brick things that always seem to block an outlet. Well this power strip/surge protector has 6 swivel plugs and two stationary ones. I really like this one. I’ll probably buy more in the future as the need arises.
This link is to a M.2/PCI-E SSD Drive. I haven’t ordered it yet but tests from pc world indicate it’s a pretty fast drive. I’m thinking of buying one to stick into my ageing computer. If I can boot from it, my OS is going on it for now. If not I’m going to use it for my games. Then when I build my new computer that has an actual m.2 slot in it, I can move this one over. Now, M.2 slot isn’t the same as a PCI-E slot. However, it seems that M.2 slots may be the next replacement for those PCI-e slots. That’s why you’ll notice in the image that your seeing an PCI-E card. This is an adapter for motherboards that don’t have an M.2 slot. That black rectangle in the middle, is the actual drive. That’s 250 gigs of fast storage. Much faster than SATA. I want to also note that this is a Kingston. I have a Kingston flash USB stick with 4gigs that I got for free years ago with the purchase of a graphics card. That stick has never given me any issues with any computer I’ve put it in. I’ve even booted full linux systems off it. Everything I’ve read over the years points to Kingston making good quality products. The fact that it’s just a little behind a Samsung drive in simulation tests but kicks ass in real world tests has sold me on this being the one to get right now. I’ll update this when I actually break down and spend the money on it.

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