COVID-19 / CO: corona – VI: virus – D: disease. -19: First Discovered in 2019

This pandemic has changed the way we live and work practically overnight. Many of us are using technologies that we are unfamiliar with or trying to figure out how to accomplish tasks with as little social interaction as possible. Many companies are going to a telecommute model to get more people to work from home. This can bring many new and unfamiliar challenges. Here at DTG Inc. I’m dedicated to helping people get back to work. If you need assistance with your technology at home, I can help you. In many cases I can assist you using remote technologies or in rare cases I may be able to provide limited phone support. If you need assistance, the pricing schedule during this pandemic is easy; whatever you can afford and/or whatever you think is fair. This is a pricing model based on trust and respect and leaves room for those that need help but can’t afford it. Use the contact form here [ ] if you need assistance.