Web Development Services

I build and customize websites using the WordPress CMS. You can visit some pages to see what I can do. I will take the time to show people the basics of how to use the WordPress system. Each job I do, I customize to the individual needs of each customer. Not every WordPress theme is going to give you exactly what you want so I will customize the areas that require it. Each site is optimized to load as fast as I can make it. Site load times are now part of your search engine ranking and should be included with all SEO optimization. I will also take the time to SEO optimize the site with key words and phrases to make it more likely that someone will be able to find your website. I can even help you find a web hosting provider that will meet your needs. Below you will find samples of my work.

The Global Radio Alliance (kgraradio.com KGRA-dB) is one of my first projects. I chose the theme and then customized it with plugins and custom templates. I built the pop out audio player, the custom archive system and show pages.

This site didn’t require much customization. I worked with the site owner to find a suitable hosting service, installed the WordPress CMS, found and configured a Theme. I then imported older posts from another website.

This site was already built on the WordPress CMS with a theme already installed and configured. I was hired to provide support services and enhancements on a monthly basis. I updated the back-end code to the theme and customized the site to improve the aesthetic value. In January of 2016 I migrated the site to a dedicated server and in February I began the process of changing the theme.  The theme was further customized to remove some elements that weren’t needed and to simplify the function of the site.

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