Welcome to the DTG Radio page.

This page is my personal attempt to create my own implementation of the howler.js library.
Basically I built a “radio” that runs on web audio instead of standard HTML5. It should be more stable and work on all browsers and devices. (yea even cell phones nifty, huh?) However, starting a new stream takes a second or two. So when clicking a button, be patient, count to two. Then you should be good. 🙂

If you want more details, I’ll have some below.

D.T.G. Radio

128k AAC
64k MP3
48k AAC
more details....

I’m using jquery and howler js libraries built inside a divi module using divi builder. At this time everything is hard-coded but the hope is to eventually be able to add multiple stations and/or streams to display. There are, of course, plenty of plugins and downloads that have already done this you can most likely find a good one to download for your own site.

The site is currently running on wordpress and I’m using a Divi Theme. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. There is a contact link at the top of the page.

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